Tel Aviv, Meet BUDX

Not every day a huge beer brand like Budweiser lands in Israel. We have taken on the fun task of preparing Tel Aviv for this major nightlife and drinking culture event – and strategically managing the brand’s launch in Tel Aviv and its vibrant nightlife scenes, building the buzz and creating the first interactions with the consumers.

A big part of the Israeli launch is creating the localized version of BUDX – Budweiser’s multidisciplinary international platform, which seeks to promote and highlight rising local creative forces in cities around the world, and collaborates with Mixmag Music Magazine and Boiler Room. This platform of parties and electronic music operates as a multifaceted ecosystem that includes lectures, talks, masterclasses, exhibitions and collaborations with artists from all disciplines.

We’ve been conceptualizing, curating, cooking and producing the unique series of BUDX events in Israel, with super successful club parties that include international artists (Dan Shake, Italo Johnson, DJ Deep), the most successful Israeli artists abroad today (Red Axes, Maayan Nidam) and unique collaborations ( Alternative Fashion Week TLV with Tel Aviv’s most successful queer party, KOK SCHOK).

We have the pleasure of producing this series of events together with Guy Dreyfus and FOH Group, our new production partners.


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