Welcome to the Future

The way we perceive food has changed greatly in recent years. But there are those for whom the food industry has not advanced much during the last 100 years: the babies!

Else Nutrition is a revolutionary international brand that aims to change all that and march baby food into the future. Because why should only mom and dad get healthy and clean food? Thanks to Else’s revolutionary product, a new generation of babies is going to receive, for the first time, a plant-based, organic, clean-label, milk-free, and soy-free formula, based on only 3 natural ingredients: tapioca, almonds, and buckwheat.

We were handed the launch of the product in the American market, and as an opening move, created a visionary and heartwarming animated video, designed to introduce the brand to the millennial parent audience in the United States and to convey the progressive and innovative values ​​it brings to the market. The video will run on all platforms, and with it the visual world we have created. We absolutely love the result, and it turns out that we are not the only ones – it’s receiving applauses from every direction.

Directed and animated by Sivan Kidron


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