Ronaldinio Recommends Traveling to Israel

This summer, we created a video for the Israeli ministry of Tourism and LAPAM, Israel’s Government Advertising Agency, starring model Shir Elmaliach. The video encourages European tourists to travel Israel for an exciting urban vacation in the country’s two leading cities – Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

Now, together with Leaders, we created an international influencers campaign promoting the video under the hashtag citiesbreakdotcom.

The campaign’s peak was a collaboration with a series of leading tourism accounts, including amazingworld_travels and fantastic.colours, as well as influencers from various countries – the most famous of which was football star Ronaldinio.

Ronaldinho shared the video on his Instagram page and brought 190,000 views and more than 2,300 comments. He also posted a photo of Tel Aviv’s beach, and asked his followers to tag friends they would like take to Israel with them, in a post that won 117,000 likes.

Amongst the other influencer we worked with: French singer Nehuda, British actress Amy Willerton, Russian model Mazanova, Russian scenery photographer Raskalov and many more.

We also created a publicity stunt, in which Ronaldinho asked his fans who was the model starring in the video and how he could get in touch with her. This got headlines in MakoChannel 2ONETal & Aviad’s radio showMaarivWalla SportIsrael Sport and TMI.

Watch the video starring Shir Elmaliach >

Israel Ministry of Tourism

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