Caesarstone Young Designer Award 2017

We were happy to lead Caesarstone Young Designer Award’s second year. The award is given to an inspiring and innovative design school graduate, thus nurturing and further establishing the company’s bond with the local designers and architectures community.

A team of judges on behalf of Caesarstone visited Design school graduates exhibitions across Israel and chose the 20 leading works dealing with the home environment.

Uri Cohen (HIT) one first place with “Mars” – a chair imitating the movement of a floating tire. Tal Biton (Shenkar) came second with a series of electrical instruments built from recycled paper, using molded pulp technology.

Caesarstone Facebook fans chose their favorite as well: Dorit Provizor (HIT) who created 7 talismans based on common rituals and superstitions. The Facebook activity gained thousands of interactions and more than 200,ooo exposures.


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