Soda Stream sold for $3.2B, we get some of the glory


This news is huge: Soda Stream just got bought for $3.2 Billion by US food and beverage giant PepsiCo. Only three years ago, Soda Stream’s value was about $ 300 million – and we at Allenby were a key part of changing the company’s strategy toward a green and healthy direction that eventually led to this historic deal.

We had the pleasure of leading the process of redesigning the company’s flagship devices with world-class designers, and of course of creating its disruptive media language, with a series of successful global campaigns that helped to make Soda Stream a truly relevant and exciting brand.

We did not purchase enough shares in time, but we’re happy with the glory of tens of millions of views, and with knowing that many people stopped polluting the earth and their bodies because of these great campaigns!

We congratulate Soda Stream for this great achievement, and wish it success along the way!

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