Heylo – Strategy & Branding

It’s not every day that you get a chance to work with a company that’s about to change the world. After taking a significant role in the marketing process that transformed Sodastream into becoming a giant soda company worth 1.6 Billion dollars, we got the rare opportunity to embark on a new journey with Heylo – an exciting international brand that wishes to create a positive revolution in the American food industry.

Heylo was established by Yuval Maymon, a software engineer and one of the biggest Gelato manufacturers in the world. When he discovered he was diabetic, Maymon’s life changed. He quickly sold his 50 stores ice-cream chain and started looking for the perfect healthy sugar substitute.

Diabetics is a lethal epidemic (with 100 million diagnosed in the US alone), that keeps spreading due to the human addiction to sugar. How can you  wean the world from sugar? This is the Billion dollars question, especially since all the substitutes that have been invented thus far are neither tasty nor truly healthy.

Maymon, an energetic entrepreneur with no professional background in food engineering, has built a lab in his home and spent countless nights looking for the solution.

700 experiments later, Maymon hit the jackpot: a completely healthy and organic sweetener, as tasty as sugar, that knocks whoever tastes it form his feet. Don’t take our word for it, listen to the children in this TV article, who prefer Heylo’s Nutella over the original Nutella.

This is the revolution that Heylo is about to do in the global food market. This is why former executives from huge companies like Pepsiko and Target have joined Heylo and why ED&F Man decided to invest in them.

This is where we enter the picture. We began a long and fascinating procedure of marketing strategy and branding that included the creation of:
* Brand identity
* Brand name
* Logo design
* Visual language
* Website design and development
* Outlining the American market penetration plan

This is only the beginning of the road. We’re thrilled to continue working with Heylo, on making the world a healthier and tastier place.


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