Isaiah Mustafa Stars in Maccabee Beer’s Campaign

Maccabee is a premium lager beer, that in the past has suffered from a bad image. Most Israeli beer drinkers have already realized how excellent it is. For those last few disputers, we created a video – an ode to Maccabbe’s new and magnificent recipe: 100% excellent European malt.

In the role of the president of the USA, addressing the free world with a speech about taste: Isaiah Mustafa, star of the iconic Old Spice commercials.

Mustafa’s visit in Israel for the shooting of the video gathered wide and enthusiastic media coverage: Zinor Layla, Good Evening with Guy Pines, and once more on Guy Pines, Globes, Pnai Plus, Walla, Mako, Nana10 and more.

Maccabee Beer

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