Talkspace on 5th Avenue

Talkspace is a startup that wishes to make therapy more accessible and affordable. Via a web and mobile chat application, it connects users from all over the world with therapists, easily, anonymously and at a low price.

In order to promote the startup, Papush teamed up with Alon Seifert, with two goals: raise the awareness to the availability of mental health services at the age of touch screens and send out the message that mental help is nothing to be ashamed of, but should be transparent.

This is what led to the idea of the transparent cubicles.  During two days, two giant inflatable domes were placed in Manhattan’s 5th avenue. Passer-byers were welcomed to enter the domes, sit down and dive into a session with a Talkspace therapist.

Papush conducted and produced the activity, that was covered massively by USA TODAYhuffington postAOLGlobes,  YnetLayla CalcaliSignonMizbalaOrly & Guy.

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